Get Nottingham Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers from England. Here we share beautiful girl Clover Jacobs is a young successful lady living in the famous city of Midland England known as Nottingham. She was the only child of a single mother who got divorced when she was five months pregnant.

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England Girls from Nottingham City Whatsapp

  • Name: Quera
  • City: Nottingham England
  • Religion: Jewish
  • Looking: Dating friend
  • Staus: Single
  • Age: 22
  • Whatsapp number: +442937492783

The young girls life started without a father but the never ending efforts done by her mother did not let her feel deprived of the love of a father. She was brought up by her mother in the best possible way that is why Clover was able to get admission in one of the top schools in the city.

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Clover was a genius child and was very popular in her school. The kids from all types of family backgrounds and whatsapp social status wanted to be friends with Clover. But the only thing Clover was interested in were aircrafts and the birds that flew in the air as they fascinated her right form her early childhood days. She put her online whatsapp number of dssifferent groups and with facebook friends online.

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Get whatsapp mobile numbers and chat with Notttingham girls and make friendship online. Clover was a very intelligent student who passed all her exams with distinction in more than three subjects. She applied for admission in aeronautical engineering in one of the leading universities of the city.

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